My Road to Indy

by Michele Bumgarner | Jan 07, 2014

My love for racing started when my father first opened the Subic Le Mans fun kart track around 1995. For as long as I can remember, my brother Mark and I would spend hours at the karting track and drive hundreds of laps a day. We would never get sick of it, and no one could keep us off the track.

The following year, my dad eventually started racing karts all over the Philippines. He would bring the entire family--my mother and us, four kids. Back then, there weren't that many permanent kart tracks to race on, so they improvised with creating temporary layouts on parking lots. It doesn't sound fancy at all, but we had a big group of people, including Mike Potenciano, Carlos and Mike Anton, and George Apacible, to name a few. We just traveled all over together, raced and had fun. We were one big, dysfunctional family, and I have lots of good memories.

After lots of begging and persuasion, my father finally gave me the go signal to race, and I had my very first kart racing year in 1998. I was rubbish and just not good during that first year. I wasn't fast either; everyone would lap me about two to three times on average, but I didn't care. It didn't stop me at all because all I wanted to do was drive and have fun.

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