How my Helmet Design has Evolved

How my Helmet Design has Evolved

by Michele Bumgarner | Apr 29, 2014
Part of being a race car driver is the willingness to put yourself out there, not only on the track but off it. I mean, we're competitors – we want to stand out in our own unique way. At least, I sure do! 

As much as possible, we all work at having a signature look – whether the livery of our car or our suit design. But sponsorship can dictate the look of those things. However, our helmet paint job is all about showing who we are and has meaning to us. So you can only imagine how excited I was to get my new helmet in from Europe last week!

But before I get into my new helmet design, I thought I would show everyone how my helmet design has evolved from when I first started racing to today.

My very first helmet paint job was very much inspired by my idol at the time, none other than Michael Schumacher. Even before I started racing, I had known who he was, because my dad and my brother would watch Formula 1 and his name was the one that stuck out. I didn't know anyone else but him, so of course my first paint job was just like his! My brother and I had matching ones, his being blue and mine purple. We looked so cool out on the track. (Get well soon, Schumi!)

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